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I fully intend to make it ON.

So it's ON. AGAIN.
I thought the WWII ad at the top of our comm said Wii. I'm mad.


I will try, at some point today, to pound out a drabble or one-shot. I don't get very many ideas that aren't perfectly fit to the story itself, so it'll probably be very cracky.

Be on the lookout!
Totally a Luz to Evie song.

Depeche Mode- I promise You

Lyrics!Collapse )

...and because Rosie and Skinny would take a fucking bus....

The Hollies- Bus Stop

Lyrics!Collapse )
This song is absolutely adorable and could pretty much apply to any of the pairings. Aaaand, I'm more than happy to file share! :D

Dispatch- "Out Loud"

Lyrics!Collapse )
Um, some smut! :D

It's kinda...not finished, but it will be!!

FrancenightCollapse )

::is trolling::

Smut coming, I promise!!

...oh, yeah, and an intro <.
This icon is not this at all. I just wanted to show off its LOOOOOVELY SHAAAAADES, 'cuz I'm a WHOOOORE

Speaking of whores, have some expository pre-smut. So, basically, brief rundown. They've been walkin' nights, you know, meet at this lamp post here and wander about, all this cuteness. Night before this, they're like huh. This could be some sex. But I mean it's Ice Queen and Mr. Reads-the-Articles. Still, when she locks up and doesn't speak, he finally grabs that dame and lays one on her, and they're both like O.O! ::scamper off:: and it's climactic and cute. So, next night.

Would you go back? *dun dun*

EDIT 12-23 5:22 AM. New line bolded! Holy fucking exposition, Batman! This will never end! Ashley's mom's cat was Archie Morris! And he was even orange! Epic smut ftw!

Omg. Omg.

I really need to listen to this White Stripes album more closely. I found an M/R song last night that was presh, and after the shit we came up with tonight, I'mma say that this is a FANFREAKINTASTIC DM/LJ song.

I mean, a few things don't work, but it's not bad, not bad atall. Enjoy, I s'pose!

I Can LearnCollapse )
So, The Who's Who's Next album is decidedly one of the best, um, EVARRR. Behind Blue Eyes, Bargain, Baba O'Riley, Won't Get Fooled Again... It's fantastic. I stole it from my mom because I'm too cheap to buy it and I saw she had it. One of my favorites on it is the short one, Love Ain't For Keeping... I checked it out again today, and the lyrics actually remind me of Rosie and Skinny. Post-drama, of course, even post-intro. But it's short and sweet and them. :D

Love Ain't For KeepingCollapse )
Norah's IntroductionCollapse )
Those Big Words (2:43:21 AM): Man...
Those Big Words (2:43:29 AM): I should just write this whole alternate universe...
Those Big Words (2:43:43 AM): Where instead of talking for nine days and screwin' for one...
Those Big Words (2:43:49 AM): They screw for nine days and talk for one. :D
So, I know that this song is played a lot, but I still really like the chorus and it reminds me a lot of Torie and Joe Toye. I think it could go for any of them, really. Enjoy!

Snow Patrol: Chasing CarsCollapse )
Hell. To. The fucking. Yes.

I figured out .gifs...

And now... let the tears flow.

Whoa, my love, my darling...
Introductions on the way, guys, I promise. I have the ideas. I just need the patience and the right inspiration.

...and enough study breaks.
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Ooooo. I liiiiike that. This particuar Dave I've been getting back into reminds me a lot of Faye and Lillian... so yeah, I guess this'll just help me, huh. SCUUUUMBAAAAAG. But who knows! Maybe everyone will see something! I hope...

Pay For What You GetCollapse )
Alrighty...I like to make bullshit posts to make it look like I've been busy doing important things instead of trolling Ytmnd...::cough::
So. Seeing as how inspiration is sometimes lacking and a lot can be found in song lyrics and like that [<3 Jonny Martin.], I figured we could go ahead and post the songs we either get ideas from or makes us think of the time period/ certain character/ situation, etc. etc. both for reference and areas the three of us can go when the writing is just not working.

Here's the first one! Tom Petty- "American Girl." This could be used for almost all the girls [I see Lillian in the part of the promise she's gonna keep, etc.], but this reminds me a ton of Torie. Meh, I dunno. Maybe I'm crazy :D

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You guys are gonna die a little.

So my apologies in advance.

...but I really love it.

Intro: FayeCollapse )

Okay. The deal is. I think... that I can cut these down if I need to. Right now they are damned, damned long. But I think we'll get to a point of editing. But to put it in perspective, they are a smidge longer than you average important ATOTT flashback. :D


Intro: LillianCollapse )

Yeah, so you'd read most of that already. Almost all of it. So ALL THE MORE REASON to get hella excited about FAYE'S COMING UP SOON.