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Um, some smut! :D

It's kinda...not finished, but it will be!!

It had been so quick, so certain, so right. She had been relieved when she had opened the door and found the room to be empty. She hadn’t thought of the possibility of Norah already being back in the room when she had made the suggestion to come here. Normally, her friend being out so late would have made her wonder, but tonight she was only grateful.

She walked into the room just enough to swing the door shut and push the button lock before pulling him back to her, almost violently, by his arm. If he was surprised, he gave no sign. Instead, he wrapped an arm around her waist, his other bracing himself against the door, his lips finding hers eagerly.

Evelyn slid her hands through his thick hair before lacing her fingers behind his neck and only half-noticed when her back thumped against the door. His arm around her forced her body impossibly closer, his legs splitting her own.

Her chest heaved in anticipation as his lips slid down her neck, over her collarbone and down the plunging V of her dress’s neckline. She let her head roll back against the door and closed her eyes, reveling in the feeling of his smooth lips and warm breath on her skin. She pulled a sharp breath as she felt the heat from his hand under her skirt, sliding up the inside of her thigh.

She looked at him, his eyes smoldering with lust as she knew her own must be, daring him to take the next step, to take her as his there and now. She saw the slightest hint of hesitation flicker n his dark eyes, felt his cavalier hand slowing in its ascent, and knew the thought that went with it. Oh no. He had brought her entirely too far to stop now. They both had known where this evening was going to lead, and Goddamnit, that would not change now.

She untangled a hand from his hair and closed her fist around the knot of his necktie before wrenching the knot undone in one sharp, well-practiced motion. She grinned at him, her excitement growing. Evelyn had played plenty of roles in her love life—the soft flower, the wholesome innocent—but with him, she could be herself, both fiery and experienced, without worrying about intimidation. A first, she thought.

She could hear his breathing quicken as she leaned forward to nip at his ear, her long fingers deftly finding and undoing each of the buttons trailing down his shirt. Just as she suspected, he was not one to be outdone.

He pushed her back against the door, not gentle in the least, rudely interrupting the enjoyment she was having with his neck just as she undid the last of the buttons on his shirt.

He undid the belt that cinched her waist and let it fall to their feet before turning his attention to the large buttons on the front of her dress. She bit at her lower lip, watching him fumble with the button located squarely between her breasts. A breathy laugh escaped her lips and he gave her a look. Any other woman would have shied away; Evelyn laughed a little harder.

Unable to stand the frustration of her still being fully clothes, he gripped the front of her dress in his hands, pulling her forward with the force, and tore the dress open to her hips.
She let herself fall against him, her hands sliding up his chest and over his shoulders to push his shirt to his elbows, and breathed hotly in his ear,

“Goddamnit, George, I liked this dress.”

That earned her a cocky smirk before a second tug ripped her skirt to its hem. He gave each of his arms a quick fling, one after the other, to escape the buttoned cuffs of his shirt before giving her bodice a light brush that sent it rippling to the floor, leaving her in nothing but very little lace.

Ohhhh, thank God he doesn't have Matt Lip! He would be too impatient to work the buttons.

Holy effing cow.

You know, drunk as I may be, I see what you mean. I can totally see that too. Not in a creepy way... but I can see it.

SO FUCKING HOT, EVELYN IS AMAZING. SEXPOT! Finish! I want to see them be like "...oh shit I could love you."