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Come for the Doughnuts.

Stay for the Nights.

Our Boys Over There
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When the morning came, there would be our boys, Faye’s and mine, and Evie’s and Norah’s and Rosie’s; every sister’s who ever came to her brother for protection, every mother’s who ever endured the second-greatest pain she could feel. There they would be, over there, the cold and the courage, fighting for causes not their own, dying for reasons they never had.

“What a hell of a way to die.”

A community dedicated to the writing of the biggest, best BoB Mary Sue project in existence. That's right. I said Mary Sue. ...But the sentence "TIFFANIE IS 5'9" AND A NURSE IN EZ COMPANIE" never happens, we swear.

copperlinered = Evelyn McShaugnessy and Rosanna St. James.
sentandwaiting = Norah Monaghan and Victoria Vanderberg.
votrerouquin = Lillian Jennings and a representation of Faye Tanner.

Disclaimer: We don't have any relation to the book or the miniseries. We just love it a lot, is all. But we aren't making money! Just havin' a grand old TIME. We also don't have any connections with any of the real military folk depicted or their loved ones, but for what it's worth, they do have our ultimate respect. :)