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Rosie Intro <3

Like a Page From a Romance Book...Collapse )

I dunno if I'm gonna be able to hold off posting these intros. I really love them a lot. LMAO.

I don't want to overwhelm anybody, but I just. ARGH I LOVE IT. They're both so intense! ARGH!

...And I need Unchained Melody stat.
Goddddddddd, come on, inspiration!

I'm tryin' to get these intros worked out here, guys, but I'm being a big D for some reason and can't think of how I want the "ending up" of the couples to go, y'know? lol

This is mainly just me thinking aloud. In typing. Yeah. I'm a bag.

I heart this community idea, p.s.

I think...Rosie/Skinny might actually be the easier of my two pairs to write an intro for...hmmmmm.

Alright, time to go listen to Copperline and bix for inspiration.

Oh. And we need a mixed CD for BoB fandom to listen to when we're doing our crayon box project. :D
Just some old one-shots and drabbles for reference.

Halloween.Collapse )

Forget.Collapse )

Dogtags.Collapse )
MeetingsCollapse )
Okay. I can do this. I know I can do this. ::IS STRONG::

...if anyone related to the real person ever finds this, I'm going to evaporate. Because it will be so wrong and weird. LMFAO.

Character Profile: Suh-weet Faye TannahCollapse )
I mean, damn B. This took me almost two hours, because I just got practically all my research done. YES!

And she got a Mary Sue Litmus of only 25! ...That's almost sad. Rissie was like. 60. Cassandra would be like 107.

Character Profile: LillianCollapse )

Watch for Faye's whenever I have two more hours and a heart of stone... :(!

Alrightabix, my turn. I won't put all the like, leading info, but I'll probably label every other one I post in here because I'm used to it. :D

Whole [300]Collapse )

Gentlemen [200]Collapse )

Drinking [Crack!100]Collapse )

Our Boys Over There [3 100s]Collapse )

I'll post that intro when we get to posting reeeeal deeeeeals, because that's miiiiine. :D
Character Profile: RosannaCollapse )
Alrighty now, let's see here...some kinda character profile to be posted here...this is mainly for me to figure out Rosie's character better...yeah.

Character Profile: EvelynCollapse )
Alright, posting random one-shots just to have them all here. All three of them. Yyyyyeah.

Crack Halloween NightCollapse )


Perc/Luz One-ShotCollapse )


Hey there, Red.Collapse )
>: )

Let's go, girls.